The Greenfield Law Firm wins its first Insurance Bad Faith case since abandoning the defense of insurance companies

February 2019

The Greenfield Law Firm, following its recent reincarnation as an insurance litigation firm for the policy holder, is very pleased to report that its first plaintiff-side lawsuit to go to trial against an insurer has resulted in victory. In a first party personal property loss denial of coverage case against Liberty Insurance (one of the Liberty Mutual companies) where we were looking for the mere policy limit of $25,000 for our plaintiff renters, and where Liberty offered only $5,000 to settle, the jury came back on February 28, 2019 with a verdict for both breach of contract and insurance bad faith in the amount of $100,000. Our CCP 998 offer to compromise was for $99,998. We are now seeking recovery of more than $80,000, in costs and attorney fees.

Update: The court denied Liberty’s motions for new trial and for JNOV, and awarded our clients Costs, Attorney Fees, and Pre-Judgment Interest in the total amount of $76,024.17. The total amount now for the clients, who had only been looking for policy benefits of $25,000 but were forced to go to trial after Liberty would only offer $5,000, is $176,024.17. We are very happy to have helped these clients!

The Greenfield Law Firm wins $134,224.00 for business client at binding arbitration

March 2018

The Greenfield Law Firm represented an ACH direct deposit provider who was defrauded by an employer who had reversed a $101,000 deposit transaction, thus resulting in the service provider having to foot the bill for the total cost of the employer’s payroll. The matter proceeded to binding arbitration, and the service provider was awarded the amount lost, plus attorney fees and loss of profits for a total of $134,224.00.