Insurance Giant and Auto Repair Company Held Accountable by the Law Offices of Kenneth N. Greenfield for the Theft of Customer’s Vintage 1968 Corvette

April 10, 2013

Attorney Janice Walshok represented the owner of a classic 1968 Corvette Stingray that was stolen while it was awaiting repair at Dependable Carburetor. The owner reported the loss to his insurer, who paid the owner what he believed was significantly less than the value of his prized Corvette. The owner sued the insurer for insurance bad faith and Dependable Carburetor for the loss of his rare vintage automobile. Ms. Walshok negotiated a satisfactory confidential settlement with the insurer, leaving Dependable Carburetor as the only defendant. She then made a Section 998 settlement offer to Dependable Carburetor on the plaintiff/owner’s behalf for $29,999.99. Dependable Carburetor countered with a 998 offer for $5,000. The jury found in favor of the Plaintiff on his breach of bailment claim and awarded him $15,378.00. The law firm also secured an additional $4,787.00 in costs against Dependable Carburetor.

$800,000 Settlement Negotiated by the Law Offices of Kenneth N. Greenfield in Negligent Driving Case

March 6, 2013

With the goal of making the victims of a traumatic accident whole, the Law Offices of Kenneth N. Greenfield undertook to represent a husband and wife who had been injured while taking a leisurely Sunday drive on their motorcycle. Defendant, who was driving an automobile, made a sudden and unexpected left turn in front of Plaintiffs’ motorcycle. Plaintiffs were thrown from their motorcycle and sustained significant bodily juries, including a punctured lung, multiple fractured ribs, a fractured clavicle and a broken scapula. The husband underwent a painful nerve graft surgery and the wife underwent knee surgery for her torn meniscus.

The Law Offices of Kenneth N. Greenfield Settles Smoke and Ash Lawsuits Filed by 14 Separate Plaintiffs for Pennies on the Dollar

February 8, 2013

The matter proceeded to appeal before the Second District Court of Appeal. The Court of Appeal reversed the trial court’s judgment dismissing the Plaintiffs’ lawsuit for misjoinder and the case was remanded. Thirteen out of fourteen plaintiffs settled their lawsuit for a grand sum of approximately $25,000. One plaintiff voluntarily dismissed his lawsuit before the case went on appeal.

Dismissal Secured by the Law Offices of Kenneth N. Greenfield of Over a Dozen Suits Against Driver Involved in High-Profile Off-road Racing Accident that Left Eight Dead and More Than 12 Injured

December 6, 2012

The Law Offices of Kenneth N. Greenfield successfully defended an off-road race car driver whose vehicle unavoidably veered into a crowd of spectators during a race event. The accident resulted in eight fatalities and numerous injuries to spectators, attracting a media storm. The driver was named as a defendant in over a dozen lawsuits. In only a little over a year after the lawsuits had been filed in federal court, the Law Offices of Kenneth N. Greenfield successfully obtained a dismissal in favor of the driver.

The Law Offices of Kenneth N. Greenfield Succeeds in Contentious Trial Regarding the Sale of a Business

December 17, 2012

Kenneth Greenfield and Alexandra Selfridge prevailed at trial while representing the sellers of a high performance automotive business. The sellers turned the business over to the buyers, and they began to run the business. Shortly thereafter, the buyers claimed that they discovered fraud on the part of the sellers about the business. As a result, the buyers refused to pay the full purchase price, abandoned the business, and stopped paying rent to the landlord. The landlord sued both the sellers and the buyers for unpaid rent. The sellers sued the buyers for the remaining amount of the purchase price of the business. Thereafter, the buyers sued the sellers for their money back.

The landlord settled its case with the buyers for $50,000 before trial. Also before trial, the landlord dismissed its lawsuit against the sellers. The Law Offices of Kenneth N. Greenfield obtained a defense verdict in favor of the sellers with respect to each of the buyers’ causes of action against them. In addition, the sellers obtained a $152,450.46 judgment against the buyers on their breach of contract cause of action. The sellers were also awarded $223,137.50 in contractual attorney fees and $7,694.65 in costs, for a total of $383,282.61, plus interest.

The buyers were a Limited Liability Company and an individual. Notably, the trial court pierced the corporate veil of the LLC, and found that the individual buyer was liable for the full amount of the judgment. This particular issue is currently on appeal.

The Law Offices of Kenneth N. Greenfield Is Now Available for Seminars regarding the “12 Month Suit” Limitation Provision in California Property Insurance Policies

August 17, 2012

Our firm’s attorneys are available for seminars regarding the “12 Month Suit” limitation provision in California property insurance policies. The seminars focus upon the origin, purpose, application, and interpretation of such provisions. In addition, we explain how to calculate the one-year period in the context of losses where discovery is delayed. Further, our firm provides recommendations for questions to ask during a recorded statement when the contractual limitations provision may be applicable. Please contact us for more information.