April 10, 2013

Attorney Janice Walshok represented the owner of a classic 1968 Corvette Stingray that was stolen while it was awaiting repair at Dependable Carburetor. The owner reported the loss to his insurer, who paid the owner what he believed was significantly less than the value of his prized Corvette. The owner sued the insurer for insurance bad faith and Dependable Carburetor for the loss of his rare vintage automobile. Ms. Walshok negotiated a satisfactory confidential settlement with the insurer, leaving Dependable Carburetor as the only defendant. She then made a Section 998 settlement offer to Dependable Carburetor on the plaintiff/owner’s behalf for $29,999.99. Dependable Carburetor countered with a 998 offer for $5,000. The jury found in favor of the Plaintiff on his breach of bailment claim and awarded him $15,378.00. The law firm also secured an additional $4,787.00 in costs against Dependable Carburetor.